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Victoria, More Than Rupestrian Paintings

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Victoria, More Than Rupestrian Paintings

Victoria, Gto. Friday, January 20, 2012.  Victoria is one of the municipalities along with San Luis de la Paz and 6 more that form the northeastern region of the state of Guanajuato.  It was originally founded in the 1540s, under the name of San Juan Bautista de Xichu de Indios, but until 1580 it was issued the charter of foundation.  Its name changed to Victoria, which means Victory, when a revolt in the Sierra Gorda was suppressed in 1847.  Usually it is related to the rupestrian paintings that exist in the Cerro Grande, in the community of Los Remedios; where it is celebrated massively the spring equinox.  Although, Victoria offers more than that.  Its parish of San Juan Bautista is very charming.  Similarly, it has striking handicrafts such as reeds baskets and hats.  It is mainly engaged in agriculture, being beans the most important crop.  Visit Victoria, our brother town!


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