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The Secrets Jesuit Tunnels

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The Secrets Jesuit Tunnels

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Tuesday, June 5, 2012. One of the greatest mysteries of our history, unquestionably are the tunnels that exist under the city.  Even though only one can be explored, since the rest are covered with earth, over time portions of them have been found, when people dig to do some kind of construction.  Their origin is not yet confirmed, but the main theory involves the Jesuits, who in San Luis de la Paz created their first mission in Mexico, at the end of the 16th Century. 

Beyond the Alameda, where the old springs were born, there is a passageway that is considered to be part of the secret tunnels.  By the way the walls are sculpted, they show that there are not natural, that they were made by human beings.  Many individuals believe it is part of a network of excavations, which were used to go under the town without being seen.  The underpass is occasionally visited by tourists.  It is about 100 meters long.  It is not possible to explore beyond, because the rest is covered with earth. 

There are several theories about the construction of the tunnels.  The main is the following: As a result that not all the Chichimeca appeased immediately, in the 17th Century and maybe also in the 18th Century, the Jesuits built these subways for their protection.  They connected privately their home with various chapels.  The same could also be used as water channels.  Probably the excavation was done by expert miners from Pozos.



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