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ITESI´s First Generation Graduates

ITESI´s First Generation Graduates

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Friday, June 29, 2012. The first generation of ITESI San Luis de la Paz, 2007-2012, graduated today.  37 students (24 from Industrial Engineering and 13 from Sustainable Agricultural Innovation Engineering) received their diploma certifying them as professionals, at a special ceremony held at the institution´s campus, in the presence of school and municipal authorities, as well as family and friends.  Congratulations to ITESI and the graduates!

 At 11:09 a.m., began the formalities with words of welcome from Juan Antonio Arellano, the master of ceremonies.  After doing honors to the flag,  the presidium was introduced: Javier Becerra (City Mayor), Vicente Sierra (Education Delegate), Miriam Ruth Arzate (ITESI´s Director), Tarcisio Herrera (ITSUR´s General Director), Aide Acosta (Liaison Director), and Jose Antonio Rivera (Assistant Director of ITESI San Luis de la Paz).

Antonio Rivera in his speech said that success follows the brave, and therefore they need to pursue their dreams. Miriam Ruth Arzate express that ITESI delivers to Mexico its first generation. Javier Becerra congratulated the students and ITESI, and asked them to build a fairer society in San Luis de la Paz.

On behalf of the students, Israel Cruz and Ana Daniela Martinez thanked the school and teachers. The graduates were sworn in and pronounced an oath of ethics, before receiving their diplomas. The students with the best average, Daniela Martinez and Ana Maria Manuela Rico., also collected a certificate. The ceremony was closed at 11:58 a.m., with the performance of rondalla from ITESI San Luis de la Paz.


The new graduates are:

Industrial Engineering

Alvarado Arvizu Felipa Marisela
Cervantes Ramírez José Martín
Chavero Miranda Dulce Rosario
Cruz Soria Genaro
Enríquez Ríos María Teresa
González Otero Adriana del Carmen
González Ramírez Hugo
González Suarez Antonio de Jesús
Hernández Gallegos Paulina
Hernández Mancilla Jesús Edmundo
Hernández Pérez José Luis
Mancilla Ávila Esteban Mauricio
Martínez Juárez José Miguel
Martínez Juárez María Magdalena
Martínez Trejo Ana Daniela
Mendieta Alvarado Josefina
Navarro Martínez Nora Elizabeth
Padrón Carranza Armando
Peinado Rangel Francisco Javier
Ponce Martínez Daniel
Rangel Méndez Fabiola
Ruíz Mendieta Cecilia Victoria
Vega Lara Leonel
Vega Montoya María Sagrario


Sustainable Agricultural InnovationEngineering

Aguillón Aguillón Amador Tranquilino
Castillo Oviedo Perla Azucena
Cruz Rodríguez Israel
Jaramillo León Iraís Elizabeth
Jaramillo Ortiz Silvia
Montoya Escutia Juan
Olvera Maya Diana Karen
Ramírez Uribe María del Rocío
Rico Ramírez María Manuela
Rodríguez Ángeles Elisa
Rojas Vargas Isidro
Vargas Martínez Juan Antonio
Vargas Martínez Santiago


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